Whitetailed Bumblebee Organic Cotton Cushion


Product Description:

Whitetail Bumblebee Unbleached Organic Cotton Cushion Cover

40cm x 40cm square cushion cover with an envelope fold opening on the back (filling not included)
£20 (Free Postage)

Designed, Printed & Made in the UK from Watercolours by Tereska Shepherd MA
Supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Product shipped within 2 working days.

Whitetail Bumblebee (Bombus lucorum)
Often seen in parks and gardens. Whitetail bumblebees have a yellow band on the thorax and on the abdomen. The males have yellow hair on their head. Like all bee species the whitetail is affected by the use of pesticides, herbicides & chemical fertilisers. Scientific research has shown these either directly poison bees or cause brain damage making them mentally & physically dysfunctional, leading to the collapse of colonies

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