Three Bee Organic Cotton Cushion


Product Description:

Three Bee Unbleached Organic Cotton Cushion Cover

30cm x 50cm square cushion cover with an envelope fold opening on back (filling not included)
£24 (Free Postage)

Designed, Printed & Made in the UK from Watercolours by Tereska Shepherd MA
Supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Product shipped within 2 working days.

Bees featured:

Shrill Carder Bee (Bombus sylvarum)
One of the UK’s smallest and rarest Bumblebees. It is a long-tongued bumblebee, feeding from long tubular flowers. Now only found on unimproved pasture across the Somerset & Gwent Levels, parts of Pembrokeshire & the Glamorgan coast.

Early Bumblebee (Bombus pratorum)
One of the first Bumblebees to emerge in early March, it is a relatively small, short tongued bumblebee found in meadows, gardens and parks. The Early Bumblebee often forages on White Clover, Lavender, Sage, Cotoneaster, Thistles and Daisies.

Hairy-footed Flower Bee (Anthophora plumipes)
The sight of the Hairy-footed Flower Bee in late February and Early March heralds the end of winter in much of southern and central England and Wales, it is unknown in Ireland or Scotland.
The females are all black with yellowish hairs on the hind legs. The Males are gingery with particularly long hairs on their feet, most noticeable on their middle legs. This is a solitary bee species, with the females usually making nests in clay slopes, soft walls and in the ground where they excavate cells, which they fill with pollen and nectar (as food for the larvae), laying a single egg on each pollen mass. Where the nesting conditions are favourable they may be found in communal groups, with many nests close together.
Favoured food plants include: Lungwort, Comfreys and Deadnettle

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