Honeybee Unbleached Canvas Bag


Product Description:

Honeybee Unbleached Canvas Bag (10oz)

Gusseted Bag: 37x 43x10cm Long Handles: 35cm
Design printed on both sides
£24 (Free Postage)

Designed, Printed & Made in the UK from Watercolours by Tereska Shepherd MA
Supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Product shipped within 2 working days.

The British Honeybee is an important pollinator of many of our food crops, as well as producing honey. Worker bees communicate by doing the ‘waggle dance’ to indicate where valuable flowers are. Intensive commercial farming of bees for honey & pollination of vast areas of crops has resulted in increased disease & parasites e.g the Varroa mite which is causing severe honeybee colony losses, as is the use of pesticides.

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