About Tereska Shepherd

Artists Statement

I am a Botanical and Natural History painter based in Oswestry on the Welsh borders. Some of my earliest memories are of painting flowers in the garden, planting seeds, watching them grow and then trying to capture them in paint. The natural world is a constant source of inspiration and wonder to me. I feel my work links in with the long tradition of combining art and ecology through Natural History Illustration.  I aim to draw people’s attention to the often overlooked yet fascinating and wondrous aspects of the natural world, whilst raising awareness of environmental and conservation issues. Developing my interest in exploring unusual subject matter and ways of seeing the world, I am increasingly using macro and microscopic images for inspiration and as a way of enabling people to see and appreciate the natural world in a new way.
I work predominantly in watercolour, a medium which I continually find exciting and inspiring, but also explore Gouache painting techniques and the use of paper pulp sculpture including using natural dyes and paints. As I develop and learn new techniques for the varied art courses I teach across Wales and the borders, this also feeds into my own art practice, it is a continual journey of exploration and discovery.


Method of Working

The medium I use, be it watercolour, oil, printmaking or sculpture, depends on the subject matter. I am always keen to learn and experiment with new techniques which results in the continuing evolution of my art practise.
I find watercolour the most effective and exciting medium to use for capturing botanical and natural history subjects. I work mainly with wet on wet wash techniques, gently layering translucent colours which may then blend, granulate or shine on the paper, creating natural effects. I try and let watercolour do what it does best and utilise its wonderful translucent, vibrant and granulating properties. Fine details are applied with Rigger and Liner brushes, sometimes followed by additional glazes of colour.
I often like to work on a magnified scale, enabling the fine details and fascinating aspects of subjects to be captured and be more clearly seen and appreciated by the viewer. I try and bring the subjects to life on the paper, creating patterns between forms which hopefully result in dynamic images that are full of life and colour.
Recently I have been experimenting making and using the raw materials of paper pulp and pigment to create sculptures inspired by the intriguing structures and sculptural forms of seeds seen under the electron microscope.  I am continuing to develop a variety of paper pulp recipes using different natural fibres, materials and recycled paper. The nature of the paper pulp and the way it handles determines the texture and structure of the final sculptures created.


Biographical Details

Born 1987 in Shrewsbury

BA Fine Art, First Class Honours, Aberystwyth University (2009)

Postgraduate Certificate In Education, Art & Design, Qualified Teacher Status, UWIC (2010)

Set up Blossoms Gallery to promote artwork, greetings cards and prints (2010 to present)

Accepted onto The International School of Painting, Drawing & Sculpture Summer School in Umbria, Italy (2011)

Curator, The Willow Gallery, Oswestry (2011 to 2015)

Tutor in Art and Botanical Illustration with Aberystwyth Lifelong Learning (2012 to present)

Exhibited at The Mall Gallery, London – Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour Annual Exhibition (2014)

MA Fine Art, Distinction, Aberystwyth University (2014)


Society Memberships

Society of All Artists



Ethical Trader of the Year, Green Gathering Festival (2015). Please read my Ethical & Environmental Policy for further information.